Who is really being unreasonable?

I feel like my patience have needed patience this week to not get cross with the multiple melt downs that have happened, even though each one luckily only last seconds. I have repeatedly told myself ‘Don’t get cross, he hasn’t done anything wrong, he’s just a toddler.’ Then I feel bad for getting frustrated with him when he hasn’t really done anything wrong. What a silly cycle.

I began thinking about all of this last night. These are some of the things he has had a melt down/tantrum about this week and I have found frustrating:

  • Him repeatedly trying to climb the stairs in my friend’s house and me trying to stop him each time
  • Not being allowed to get a basket on the way out of the supermarket
  • Repeatedly going back to a puddle of water in a museum and playing in it after each time I had removed him
  • Running out of a soft play area, that had a clear plastic drape type door, over and over again

When I think about it I have taught and encouraged him to do all of these things. I have encouraged him to climb, I have shown him how to use a basket in a shop, I have played with him in water everywhere, I have chased him and encouraged him to play with unusual materials. Then next thing he knows I have said he can’t do these things so maybe it is me who is unreasonable and his strop is justified?!

I think this is a stage we will muddle through together. Probably getting frustrated with each other and both thinking the other is unreasonable at times. However, one thing I am trying really hard to do, is not get embarrassed by his strops and just remember he is a toddler who is exploring and although he communicates really well, he still can’t reason or explain.

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